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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

For our School Lunch Hero, Ms. Sandra

Established in 2013, the first Friday in May was named School Lunch Hero Day by The School Nutrition Association (SNA) and the author of Lunch Ladies, a series of graphic novels. In the novel, a cafeteria professional is a crime-fighting spy hero!

Our school lunch hero at ISSAC is Ms. Sandra Amezcua. She is not a spy, but she fights for the well-being of our kids at school with utmost dedication well beyond being just a job. Read more

In the realm of education, the number of students in a class can have a profound impact on a student's learning experience and overall development. Student performance statistics and research studies make it clear how heavily the factor of class size influences educational outcomes. Read more

The Santa Ana wind, which had kicked up at dawn, unfurls the bottom of one of the school banners hanging on the fence, sending it fluttering like a proud flag. Emblazoned across it, the words "Enroll Now for 24-25 School Year" signal passersby. Read more

Middle Schooler Poetry

Summer makes me sweet.

The sand washing over my feet,

The sun beaming down, children are playing,

The trees swaying.

But most importantly, you are here with me.

Charter schools have consistently sparked debate and controversy, becoming tools for political and social confrontation or subjects of intense competition between school districts and non-public educational institutions. Read more

Master Shifu’s famous line in Kung Fu Panda reminds Po, “Before any battle in life, comes the battle of the mind.” 

At ISSAC Charter, we recognize the importance of mindfulness, reflection, and cultivating inner peace, which support academic and intellectual pursuits in profound ways. When the mind is calm and serene, it becomes more absorbent and open to new information, enhancing learning and comprehension.

In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to communicate across cultures has never been more vital. For kids and young students, learning two or three languages offers a plethora of benefits that extend far beyond mere communication skills. From fostering a broader worldview to enhancing cognitive abilities, the positive impact of multilingualism is undeniable. Read more