school lunch hero

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

For our School Lunch Hero, Ms. Sandra

Established in 2013, the first Friday in May was named School Lunch Hero Day by The School Nutrition Association (SNA) and the author of Lunch Ladies, a series of graphic novels. In the novel, a cafeteria professional is a crime-fighting spy hero!

Our school lunch hero at ISSAC is Ms. Sandra Amezcua. She is not a spy, but she fights for the well-being of our kids at school with utmost dedication well beyond being just a job. While handling and distributing food safely, she also ensures that kids receive proper nutrition. Sometimes, when students are tempted to skip eating and join their friends in play, she encourages them to stay seated and finish their food. She reminds or instructs recess supervisors to make sure they eat well.

Her nurturing gaze falls on kids wherever she notices that attention is needed, often unseen by busy teachers and staff. She doesn't seek recognition for her radical care, whether she's tending to a fallen child's wound or advising a middle schooler on the importance of hard work and avoiding distractions.

Sometimes, true heroes like Ms. Sandra go unnoticed, because we look for heroes with capes and muscles, while these quiet heroes continue their revolution of care.