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Is ISSAC an authorized school?

Yes. ISSAC is authorized by the Orange County Department of Education. As such, ISSAC is open to all students from any school district in California. There are no testing or other admission requirements. 

What is ISSAC's academic curriculum?  

Our innovative curriculum combines STREAM with Trilingualism and Social Emotional Learning. All traditional academic subjects are aligned with California Common Core State Standards and our students, being public school students, must participate in standardized state testings. ISSAC also conducts periodic assessments.  

Science is inquiry-driven and includes discovery/invention projects. Social Studies includes writing/journalism projects. Math and English language arts are integrated daily. Our integration emphasizes on front-loading vocabulary and concepts. 

Movement is integrated daily, with formal Physical Education offerings at least twice a week focusing on gymnastics, sports and physical skills that enhance human brain development.

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Is ISSAC's trilingual approach an immersion program?   

ISSAC’s foreign language program is not an immersion program. All academic subjects are taught in English. In our foreign language classes, we focus on interpersonal communication, particularly, speaking and understanding spoken language. Reading and writing are being taught as well, and some academic content may be repeated in the target language.  Learn More

Does ISSAC provide before and after-school care?   

Yes. There is a before and after school program covering the non-school hours between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Our program are donation based. 

ISSAC school hours are 8 AM - 3 PM each weekday, except Wednesdays, when the minimum schedule is 8 AM - 12:45 PM. 

Does ISSAC have a lunch program?   

Yes. ISSAC has a breakfast and lunch program. We also offer applications for free or reduced meals. Please do not hesitate to pick up an application in our school office.

Is TK full-time at ISSAC? 

Yes. ISSAC offers the same full-time hours for all students including our TK students.

ISSAC school hours are 8 AM - 3 PM each weekday, except Wednesdays, when the minimum schedule is 8 AM - 12:45 PM.

What is the number of student in each class?

We intend to have no more than 25 students per class. Instructions are generally conducted in even smaller groups.

Can my children and their friends be assigned to the same class?

They may be in the same class, and be assigned to different flexible groups at various points in the year.  However, ISSAC is a small school; it is likely that your children and their friends will have many opportunities to interact on a daily basis.

Does my address matter when enrolling at ISSAC, i.e., are there neighborhood boundaries for enrollment?

There are no neighborhood boundaries for enrollment. You may enroll from any address in Orange County, California.

What is the homework policy?

We honor the routines, beliefs and choices of our families by providing options to engage in as much or as little homework follow-up, at the families’ discretion. Our policy on homework is focused on ensuring that learning is joyfully shared at home. While the specifics may vary among courses, families have the opportunity to share video presentations of lesson material and music together with their students. Secondly, students may access online/blended learning environments at home to continue to build skills and confidence. Thirdly, they may bring home project work that they will take forward through their efforts at home. Lastly, and most importantly, our students are encouraged to read with (or be read to by) their family members, to the greatest extent possible.

Do you offer independent study?

Yes. When a student needs to be absent, or travels, we offer independent study based on the educational value provided by the experience and agreed assignments to be delivered.

Do you offer Special Education, support for English Learners, and a program for Gifted and Talented students?

ISSAC will meet the requirements spelled out in the IEP for each of our special education children (students with diverse needs). In addition, ISSAC will take all necessary steps to search out and serve the needs of individual students who are not already identified.

ISSAC's differentiated learning classroom naturally provides support for differentiated populations including scaffolding and enrichment. In addition, needs are addressed in a daily structured 45 minutes period for ELD, GATE and Intervention.

How will parents receive communication from teachers?  Will there be parent-teacher conferences?

Our school has an open door policy and encourages parent communications and engagements. Furthermore, parents can expect regular communication from our teachers, including through Class Dojo and our Montly Newsletters. Parent-teacher conferences are also offered in six week cycles on a designated Wednesday from 12:45 PM to 4:00 PM. 

Will ISSAC publish a School Accountability Report Card (SARC)?

Like every public school ISSAC will publish a SARC that will be available on this website as well as accessible through the CDE Website. 

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