ISSAC Strategic Priorities

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The success of ISSAC depends on the execution of FIVE strategic priorities over the next five years


Most Innovative Academic Curriculum

  • Incorporate STREAM, Trilingual lessons, and Social Emotional Learning models into ISSAC classes

  • Keep students highly engaged in project-based challenges to cultivate complex problem solving skills

  • Connect with individual or small-group learners by differentiating course content, activities, culminating projects, and classroom rotation

  • Deliver measurable results in terms of student achievement


The Best Student Experience

  • Ensure the learning process is joyful for all students

  • Help students connect to one another across different race, ethnicity, culture, and language

  • Keep students highly engaged in the social and academic aspects

  • Ensure students are supplied with the best tools to learn

  • Continuous enrich ISSAC physical infrastructure and facilities to provide a secure, safe, and fun environment that is highly conducive to learning and growing


Highly Professional, Experienced, and Passionate Faculty

  • Focus on attracting and retaining the best teaching talent possible

  • Support teachers in continuing education, research and development to stay abreast of the latest teaching innovations and results

  • Monitor and regularly appraise faculty performance for continuous personal development and improvement


A Strong, Active, and Vibrant Community

  • Actively engage current parents, ISSAC supporters, and prospective parents on all possible communication formats

  • Maintain a hyper-active digital presence to communicate ISSAC development and progress near realtime, and to listen for the community's sentiments in order to better serve their needs and address any concerns

  • Provide a clear framework for ISSAC supporters to get involved by donating their time, efforts, materials, and/or financial givings

  • Continually reinforce ISSAC commitments to transparency, authenticity, and professional integrity in all that we do


Sustainable Growth

  • Gradually grow student enrollment to secure important public resources to achieve ISSAC vision for student education

  • Exercise strict fiscal responsibility to ensure funding received from public and private investors are utilized in the most effective and efficient manners

  • Plan and execute specific programs to reach important donors, supporters, and public sources of financial investment to assure the highest quality of faculty, school environment, and student learning experience our journey continues into the 2022/23 school year, we will provide regular updates on our progress along these strategic priorities.

on this important journey for the future of our children and the vibrant communities of Orange County.