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Computers for 120 Costa Mesa Elementary Students

Our current fundraising campaign in partnership with GlobalGiving.

This project will ensure access to required core educational materials, assignments and communication capability for 120 elementary students in Costa Mesa, California. With this access to technology they will be able to fully participate in the activities and projects at their school, the International School for Science and Culture. Funding this project will close the digital divide for these 120 students.

ISSAC is passionate about our vision to cultivate global citizens empowered to build a peaceful society.

Please support us by volunteering or donating at any time. As a public, tuition-free school in our first year of operation, we rely heavily on the generous contributions of our families, friends and community organizations to deepen our curriculum offerings and broaden the learning experiences for our children.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization still in the infancy stage of organizing our fundraising efforts. If you are in a position to contribute in any way, please do contact us.

You could give online now with your credit card via PayPal.

You will be directed to to make your donation to our school.