The Evolution and Essence of Charter Schools

Charter schools have consistently sparked debate and controversy, becoming tools for political and social confrontation or subjects of intense competition between school districts and non-public educational institutions.

Occasional political controversies have led to supporters and opponents being mistakenly labeled as holding opposing political views. Public educational institutions have, at times, subjected charter schools to harsh accusations and attacks.

Contrary to popular belief, the history of charter schools wasn't initially tied to political views or debates over diverting public funds from traditional schools. In 1971, UC Berkeley professors Stephen Sugarman and Jack Coons outlined the charter school model in a paper titled "Family Choice in Education." The idea of "independent public schools" gained traction in 1978 under the name "Education by Choice," with the term "charter schools" defined in 1974 by Professor Ray Budde from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Minnesota recognized charter schools officially in 1991, followed by California in 1992.

Charter, translating to contract or covenant, refers to semi-independent public schools operating under a written contract with a state, district, or other entity (authorizer or sponsor). Charter schools are public schools because they are open to all students and do not charge for tuition. Charter schools often focus on college preparation, STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics,) and core knowledge.

As a relatively new phenomenon, charter schools are still evolving. For parents, the decision to choose charter schools is a matter of personal opinion in shaping their kids' future.

At ISSAC charter, we are dedicated to fostering a vibrant learning environment that enriches and empowers students academically and personally. With a strong focus on science, technology, and cultural exploration, we aim to equip students with skills and knowledge for an ever-evolving world. Our commitment is reflected in a consistent track record, exceeding the initial goals outlined in our founding charter. Visit our website or contact us to discover how ISSAC charter school can cultivate and inspire a love of learning in your child.