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The goal of our STREAM program is to develop students into innovative lifelong learners and independent thinkers. Thus, we have added Reading/Writing and Arts to the traditional Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

We seek to prepare all students -- not just our future scientists, computer programers, engineers and mathematicians -- to solve complex problems with logic and reasoning, to develop their own views by evaluating and reflecting on evidence rather than automatically accepting someone else's position.

Such critical thinking requires intellectual skills that transcend a specific knowledge base. It requires a robust education in STREAM, which many educators view is the ideal platform to develop the students' abilities in communication, collaboration, creativity and critical-thinking.

STEM, Reading/Writing

For these subjects, ISSAC leverages existing materials and instructions that have been heavily researched and successfully implemented in leading academic programs across the nation such as:

  • STEMscopes for science, technology, engineering and math, as well as Eureka Math.
  • Wit & Wisdom for English language arts, along with additional phonics instruction in the lower grades.
  • Social Studies class is focused on writing, with McGraw Hill Impact Social Studies.


The Arts at ISSAC include integrated Performing Arts in academic subjects including in the foreign language classes. At full implementation of our curriculum, ISSAC intends to include freestanding voice and instruments music class once a week.

ISSAC students are challenging themselves in Visual Arts to represent reality, experience modes of art from various cultures, and express themselves artistically with a variety of methods and materials, once again integrated with academic subjects, and as a freestanding weekly class once our program can be implemented fully.