insights of an observer

Insights of an Observer, a Walk Through ISSAC

The Santa Ana wind, which had kicked up at dawn, unfurls the bottom of one of the school banners hanging on the fence, sending it fluttering like a proud flag. Emblazoned across it, the words "Enroll Now for 24-25 School Year" signal passersby.

Standing by the gate, I find myself in the company of a visitor, likely a parent, who taps the doorbell twice. Moments later, the warm and welcoming face of Ms. Brissa, the backbone of the front office, appears. Her cheerful smile grows as she approaches.

As I make my way past classrooms named after continents, Africa and Europe, the wind gently nudges the door of the Africa class ajar. Inside, Miss Betty, the Chinese teacher, leads her students in a lesson, their voices harmonizing as they practice Chinese phrases.

Stepping further onto campus, I see preschoolers and kindergarten kids gathered in a circle around Ms. Shainna, their North America class teacher, absorbing her nurturing words. Meanwhile, some children from the South America class play energetically while others enjoy snacks on a nearby bench, their laughter filling the air.

Amidst this bustling scene, Ms. Leah devotes herself to the needs of a special student, her care evident in every gesture. Suddenly, the back gate creaks open, and Ms. Estrella, the Spanish teacher, steps onto the playground, greeted eagerly by her students vying for hugs. Children absorb kindness and attention and do not hesitate to share it naturally, without guile.

Meanwhile, Mr. Andrew, the teacher of the Asia class, emerges with a microphone headset amplifying his voice, ushering his students back to Mr. Greg, the Europe teacher, after their math lesson. Mr. Andrew's demeanor displays seriousness and focus as he monitors their progress.

In contrast, Mr. Greg's tall frame and commanding presence capture the students’ attention as he directs them to line up with a firm yet kind tone. It's a balance he seems to strike effortlessly, almost magically, earning respect while offering a nurturing environment.

Over the crackle of Miss Shelby's walkie-talkie, someone calls out for Ms. Padmini, the school principal. Moments later, Ms. Padmini appears from the Oceania class along with Ms. Susie, the Oceania teacher, whose confident smile is a beacon of reassurance. Ever vigilant, Miss Padmini's hands-on approach to education is evident as she surveys the scene, ensuring smooth operations and progress aligned with her innovative educational approach.

Having traversed classrooms named after continents, like traveling around the world, I head for Oceania to have the conversation for which I came to the school. As I reflect on the vibrant atmosphere and profound sense of joy spread throughout the school, I can't help but be buoyed by the energy and enthusiasm I feel here at ISSAC.