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Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is entwined with our daily curriculum to empower students to consciously design their character and commitments and to turn these choices into actions that with practice become habits.

Copy of PD SELF 2021-22

Digging a Little Deeper...

Coordinating Action

We teach students to coordinate actions with others using basic speech acts collectively known as Conversations for Action:

  • Requests/Offers,

  • Agreements,

  • Reports of Completion,

  • Declarations of Satisfaction, and

  • Alternative options such as Cancels and Declines.

Inventing SELF

We create opportunities daily for students to set goals, to derive action steps, and to manage their commitments.

Students learn to discover, design and fine-tune their virtues--identity, clarity, perseverance and joyfulness, their powers--wisdom, courage and compassion, and their value orientation--beauty, gain and contribution.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

We train students on how to receive an assessment -- whether grounded or ungrounded in facts -- and how to formulate an assessment of another person.

Handling Speculative Conversations

We coach students on building community to support each other as creative beings, by helping them to develop group standards and formulating a community identity.​

Navigating Breakdowns

We instruct students on skills for navigating life when things don’t go as they would like.

These skills include strategic planning and problem-solving, where students practice the thinking processes behind (1) designing and implementing a new goal, or (2) developing and implementing a solution to an unsatisfactory situation.