Our Mission & Vision

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To cultivate global citizens, empowered to build a peaceful society

By developing students as self-motivated, confident, competent, lifelong learners:

      • to solve problems through critical & creative thinking
      • to innovate ideas, products and services for modern needs
      • to participate fully and functionally in a diverse, global society

ISSAC's balanced approach to modern education ensures students excel:

  • in academics
  • in language and cultural exchange
  • in self-development and community building

We are committed to offering all families this innovative, tuition-free choice for their children to learn, achieve and be supported as future leaders in society.

Responding to the Community's Needs

  • Area families have sought out a new option for their child(ren)’s education, a school to provide STREAM skills, language learning, and character development for the global citizen.
  • There is a need for our young people to grow with a high degree of Academic, Linguistic–Cultural, and Social–Emotional competence

Our world is increasingly connected across diverse ethnicities, ideas, and cultures. Skill in world language communication -- Mandarin Chinese and Spanish -- has been identified by our community as a core competence in this regard. There is a need for varied educational environments that support our students to achieve the academic progress of which they are capable. Given the disparity in performance in STREAM areas among American-educated children and those educated in other systems, and given that local competitiveness is in itself no longer a sufficient target for achievement, our community feels there is a need for effective methods and active focus on STREAM subjects starting from our youngest learners.

At ISSAC, we will support our students to consciously choose to design various aspects of their character and commitment, and support them to integrate these choices into their behavior by practicing appropriate habits and actions. Thus, our students will be able to set goals and design themselves through creating new standard practices in various domains of action, e.g. work, social, trust relationships, physical, academics, family, etc. There is a need for our students to be equipped with tools and skills that enable them to design rather than drift in this important work of self-development and, further, to begin to see their role in the development of a peaceful society.

The founding group’s aim is to provide educational programming with individualized, differentiated instruction, in smaller class sizes, ensuring personal attention to each student, and to challenge our students through a World Languages curriculum including rigorous English literacy content, and experiential STREAM and social-emotional learning. It is central to our vision of the global citizen that our students excel in academics, language and cultural exchange, and self-development and community building. Therefore, we bring top-notch academic and arts approaches together, offer the students a rich linguistic-cultural experience, and equip them with tools for self-design.

Because our young people need to have an education that prepares them along these lines, we have been working as a team of caring, committed, and well-informed parents, educators, and community members to lay the groundwork for this Grades TK-8 school, ISSAC, with a rigorous, standards-aligned and yet joyful agenda.