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International School for Science and Culture (ISSAC) is on a mission to cultivate global citizens empowered to build a peaceful society through the pursuit of an innovative curriculum designed to meet modern challenges.

We are a tuition-free charter school, approved in March 2019 by the Orange County Department of Education, for transitional kindergarten (TK) through 8th grade. While ISSAC is located in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area, we welcome and are authorized to enroll all Orange County, California residents.  

We are founded on the dedication and tenacity of a visionary founder -- with the passionate support of parents, educators, academics, technologists and leaders of professions -- who believe an exceptional education must honor the learners' individuality, rather than move them in lockstep fashion through the academics, and must prepare them for global leadership. 

Come help us build!  

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Lion's PRIDE: Peaceful, Respectful, Independent, Determined Excellence

ISSAC is one of the best charter schools in Orange County. My daughters love their teachers and friends at this school. Because of the smaller classroom sizes, they get more one-on-one interaction with their teachers. They do project based learning assemblies 6 times a year, which is great for all the students. In addition, they are learning Spanish and Mandarin. The Before/After School program is great as well for working parents. --- Lin A

It does not go unnoticed that the teacher inspires an exchange of ideas in the classroom, which is a unique feature in a grade school class of this level. In fact the students appear to be excited about learning in the community created in this class in a way that I cannot compare to anything that I have experienced in my own educational career. Thank you for providing this class for the children. ---

Jamie S

Our kids have been at ISSAC for 5 years. We have seen them learn and grow their skills in math, science, and reading at a very fast pace. Having an on-site CTE lab helps tremendously, and teachers conducting science experiments during lunch breaks has been great! A lot of open space in the park next door for PE and after school sports clubs as well. ---Jad A

Issac Charter is an inclusive school with an excellent faculty. This is our daughter's first year and she is absolutely thriving in all areas. I highly recommend ISSAC to anyone looking for a better education for their child. ---

Sydney L