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Covid-19 Operations Report

Using this challenge as the impetus, ISSAC teachers have created the ISSAC Virtual Learning Lab as a rich and diverse learning environment filled with take-home packets, online resources, and asynchronous and synchronous digital student and teacher interaction.

Resources such as RAZ Kids and IXL give the students engaging activities and independent practice and further individualize the learning process to meet their needs and goals. IXL has provided individualization on supplemental activities to ensure any learning gaps are filled. Students work in IXL technology-based program on specific skills connected to their packets or in the “arena” (overall diagnostic data-driven growth approach) which they do on a daily basis. Students are actively engaged in Google Hangouts, Flipgrids (enabling video call and response), and discussion boards. One-on-one study sessions ensure the individualized learning is taking place.

96% of ISSAC students have engaged with their learning during these 12 weeks...

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ISSAC Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan (LCAP)

In the Spring of the 19/20 school year, ISSAC was engaged in 100% distance learning beginning asynchronously and quickly adding synchronous elements. We utilized this experience and made the necessary changes for the current school year to ensure that all students succeed. I SSAC was most affected in the following impact areas: student attendance, internet connection, childcare, support for students with special needs, and ready availability of materials.

Considering these difficulties, ISSAC has taken many actions to accommodate everyone, in order to provide ISSAC’s instructional program. These actions include providing Chromebooks, tablets, laptops, printed materials, school supplies, and science kits to all students, and delivering these materials to students’ homes if needed. ISSAC created a three-week MODULE or cycle of effort including materials, projects and assignments to be turned in physically and exchanged for the next module.

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