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"I am a Global Citizen" Project

In this project, our students were asked, "What makes an outstanding global citizen?"

Across content areas, students learned the building blocks necessary for creative explorations and in-depth examinations of how global citizens used compassion, wisdom and courage.

Our TK-1st graders each chose a career and studied how their careers made the world a better place.

Our 2nd-5th graders each chose an inspiring individual and studied how these individuals contributed to society.

Students were engaged in both independent and group studies, and family participation was encouraged.

6 Focus Topics for this School Year (22-23)

  • Self-Identity

  • Environment/ Sustainability

  • Physics - How things work

  • Chemistry - Human Body and Mental Health

  • Human Rights

  • Multiculturalism

2021-2022 Project-Based Learning

Peace, Human Rights, and Multiculturalism