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“If you are not already engaging students in 21st Century studies, it may be too late…Start now.”

--Renee Williams, ISSAC Principal


Greetings International School for Science and Culture Families, Community and Friends!

It is my honor to serve as principal, and I am filled with anticipation for a wonderful ISSAC community partnership with all those who seek global citizenship for our children. Additionally, I am extremely enthusiastic to join you in the pursuit of academic excellence, innovativeness, and wellness.

Just like you, I am very passionate about quality education for our kids, and have a genuine understanding that each child has something uniquely special to offer the world. From my point of view, the role of any great school is to actually be the place that facilitates the amazing learning journey for all children.

At International School for Science and Culture, we share core values dictating that after safety, families and community are of the greatest priority! As principal, please also know, that I truly value and recognize the critical communication opportunities between school, community and home as a measure of our collective success. I will therefore look forward to all of the collaborative efforts we will be sure to engage in while hosting an environment of multiple languages, and culturally rich rigor, without limits for the kids.

Together, as we embark upon our next steps, I invite you to stop by for a face-to-face introduction, to share dreams, share concerns, share solutions, share accolades, share a joke, or simply to share a hello. My open door policy is real and I am eager to contribute to the rich International School for Science and Culture legacy together.

Warmest Regards in Partnership with You,

Renee Williams



Renee Williams is the proud founding principal of the International School for Science and Culture, known as ISSAC. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Renee Williams’s early school days became a time to make friends and earn grades. But it wasn't until she encountered a teacher who believed school could be more than a place for turning in assignments, that she discovered the true excitement of learning. Williams wanted to be a part of that kind of transformative change for others. So she decided to go into education to make a difference.

Renee was the first of women to go to college in her family, and understands the tradition of family pride and sacrifice. After having received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Education, at Fisk University, and a Masters of Science degree in Instructional Leadership with an emphasis in Curriculum Alignment at National University, Renee Williams has gone on to teach in settings ranging from elementary school through post secondary level.

Ms. Williams has also served as a post-secondary adjunct faculty member in the California State University of Northridge teacher credentialing division. Prior to her work in administration, Williams has sustained her dedication to contribute to society via contributions to student lives as a Literacy Coach, and Human Relations Advisor to several school boards on matters of diversity and equity.

Experiences as an administrator include work throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, in the Inglewood Unified School District, Los Angeles Unified School District, Castaic Union School District, and Various Charter Schools to develop bridges from reform to excellence.

As a result, thus far, Williams has committed her career in education to promoting excellence for kids, families and communities through talent development, distributive leadership and strategic planning.

Renee Williams believes in the power of collaboration and never underestimates the value of learning opportunities that students bring into focus such as global communication in the 21st century. Being open to new ideas while sustaining infrastructure has provided her the opportunity of a lifetime to work with students who are dedicated to showing the world their resilience, intelligence and multi-layered gifts. Renee enjoys her play time with family, friends, and her grand doggies.

When asked, “What do you want your students to gain from having known you?” Renee Williams replied, “I want our students to learn that they must define themselves for themselves while on their journey to success. I want the students to understand that their greatest asset is their individuality, as a contribution to the greater global good.”